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About Me​

Dr Debadarshi Rath is a well known Urologist in Odisha who has completed MCh Urology in 2013 from SCB Medical College Cuttack as the best graduate of the Batch .He has a vast experience in both adult and pediatric urology.He is keen in laparoscopic reconstructive and oncology procedures, LASER surgeries for Prostate & Stone. He is very good at endourology procedures as well as reconstructive procedures(Urethroplasty) for stricture urethra both in males and females.



  1. Quality of treatment
  2. Highest level of patient service and satisfaction
  3. Doorstep service for the elders at need
  4. Train the educated unemployed youth at village and small town level and make them self sufficient
  5. Train the newcomers about the latest technologies through fellowships
  6. Arrange Seminars and live operative workshops with nations and international faculties
  7. Help the really needy poor patients through various schemes
  8. Teach Public through Health awareness campaigns​

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Ansuman Mishra
Ansuman Mishra
Great doctor .My mother got cured within 10 days.My mother was not able to walk with swollen legs but within 4 days of treatment my mother started to walk and with no swolling. Thanks doctor
sweta kar
sweta kar
Hard working,caring towards the needs of patients and has an attitude with which the patient gains positivity and recovers soon. It is the trust on him which with My Grandfather aged 95 now has been under his treatment for last 10 years and is perfectly fine without any surgical intervention. Keep up the good work .👍
Dillip Kumar Sahoo
Dillip Kumar Sahoo
Good experience. Superb hand.
Rama K Panda
Rama K Panda
Best doctor in urology field. He is best known for his medication without antibiotics.
Sreetam Kanungo
Sreetam Kanungo
Doctor with a mission I was suffering from UTI since last 2 years. Previous doctors I had consulted had put me on low dose antibiotics for almost 6 months. But still there was no improvement. While browsing for best Urologists in Bhubaneswar, I came to know about Dr.Rath. During my 1st consultation he diagnosed the real problem and prescribed only 1 tablet (not antibiotic). All my symptoms were gone within 15 days and I was feeling much better. He is a great doctor with a mission to reduce rampant use of antibiotics by patients.
rama chandra nayak
rama chandra nayak
One of the best urologists and moreover a good human being. Recommended for any type of urine and associated problems.
A person with a fine talent ,fearless in his approach, accurate at his work, the best doctor in his area of expertise in Odisha. I would like to say Dr Debadarshi Rath is actually defining his name through his work. If you have any urological problem then he is having a cure for sure. At least l have experienced it in my father's case .several hospitals, several surgeries but my father was unable to come out from that urological issue. Finally we heard of Dr Debadarshi Rath from some relatives and went to him, after that my father witnessed the best service and ultimately come out of his urological issue. Thank you Sir for your support and kindness

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