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My father was affected by the prostate. We got his service. It`s really commendable. I couldn`t have words to express his caring and service to the patient as a doctor.

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Most adorable & amiable doctor… Master urologist

I had been suffering for a long time and not at all thinking of any cure because of the inputs from the previous doctors . Many many thanks to sir for his kindness and the the correct diagnosis and treatment. I am really fine and have no words how to thank him.

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The doctor appeared to be very friendly and sympathetic. his words are very sweet and pleasant.i am thankful to him for the success of the surgery.i hope this will have a good void years ahead.

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Excellent Personality,as a doctor he is very confidence about his service giving to patients.Everythig is nice in Max fort hospital.I`ve gone through his treatment and experienced the cure ness.Very friendly and conscious for treatment giving to the patient.

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I haven`t seen such a nice soul. Really feel like second god on earth. i was able to see the surgery live as explained me earlier. better than you tube videos. thanks sir


One of the most skilled Urologists in Odisha who deals with patients with utmost care and empathy.

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The best urologist I know. Dr Debadarshi Rath is highly experienced surgeon, a good human being and compassionate highly skilled doctor. I recommend him for all urological cases including malignancies.

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The Doctor advertise too much about his expertise. But it is not the case. The case is of my ailing father in law who was detected with malignant tumour of urinary bladder. After the tumor operation which was operated by him & subsequently onco Bcg was done by him.

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Have been in touch wuth sir last 2 years. Lovely personality,Caring attitude and humble nature makes me crazy visiting him and gets cured with his words. God bless you sir

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